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Our Innovative Community Participation service is designed to connect you with enriching programs in your local community. These programs are designed to help you make new friends, develop new hobbies, have fun, all while developing independence and social skills. We believe that every individual knows what works best for them; so, when you make a choice, we work with you!

Our experienced staff adopt a capacity-building, community-based approach by working with participants in their local community. They will help increase the likelihood of uptake and successful transition away from the service to informal supports and/or employment.

Community Participation can be provided to help participants achieve their individual community and social participation goals, such as:

  • going shopping
  • travelling
  • attending a sporting event
  • going for doctors/and or medical appointments.

We can provide one-on-one support to assist people to access and participate in the community throughout the week. Participating in community-based activities improves well-being as you are able to feel connected to people and the greater community. Your well-being is our highest priority. Improved well-being affects different aspects of life including education, employment, health, and satisfaction.

Our team is fully qualified, passionate and ready to set your goals with you and work with you to achieve them. NDIS is there for you to be independent, and Leah Bett Nursing Services is there to start the journey with you.

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